Rating: 5 out of 5.

” My favorite thing about the course was being around like-minded people in a relaxed environment, learning a completely new creative skill. Liina and Emily were really approachable and knowledgeable tutors. Thank you!”

Music production courses that make you believe in yourself.

Make a Demo

For complete beginners – £10

  • In this online course, you will learn to make a professional-sounding demo (using Ableton Live) just in one day.
  • For women & non-binary people.*

Level 1

Music Production for complete beginners.

Includes a free licence for Ableton Live Intro!

  • The quick, easy, fun way to get started with music production. No previous experience needed, just a laptop & headphones.. we will give you the rest!
  • For women & non-binary people.*

Level 2

Music Production for beginners.

  • Course for anyone who is already familiar with Ableton Live, but who wants to take their skills to the next level.
  • For women & non-binary people.*


For beginners.

  • This course de-mystifies all the basic mixing concepts and gives you independence as a music maker.
  • For women & non-binary people.*

Make a Radio Show / Podcast

For complete beginners

  • Learn how to make a Radio Show or Podcast with DJ NikNak, using real stems from her latest show!
  • For women & non-binary people.*

Live Performance

Perform your music with Ableton Live.

  • Learn how to take your music from the studio to the stage, using Ableton Live’s native devices!
  • For women & non-binary people.*

*Women / trans women / trans men / non-binary / agender / or gender variant people.

Not sure which course is for you?

  • Please send us an email and ask – we’re happy to recommend which one of our courses is right for you!
  • You can book a 15-min Zoom call with our tutor Emily to meet her and ask any questions about the courses. We would love to hear from you, and remember, there are no stupid questions!
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