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Rating: 5 out of 5.

” My favourite thing about the course was being around like minded people in a relaxed environment, learning a completely new creative skill. Liina and Emily were really approachable and knowledgable tutors. Thank you!”

Level 1

Ableton Live for complete beginners.

  • The Session View
  • MIDI & Live 
  • Using Effects
  • The Arrangement View

Level 2

Ableton Live for advancing beginners.

  • Recording Audio With Live
  • Sampling & Synthesis
  • Creative Production Techniques
  • Arranging & Finishing Your Track 


For complete beginners.

  • Mixing explained
  • Dynamic Processing
  • Using Effects and Creative Mixing 
  • Loudness, Space & Depth

Taster Sessions

One-off Ableton Live sessions for complete beginners.

Introduction to Ableton Live & its features.

Ableton Live Suomi

Our Finnish Ableton Live Courses

  • Ableton Live Aloittelijoille
  • Ableton Live Miksaamisen Alkeet

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