Week 1 – Level 2

1. Check out these slides for an introduction to audio recording equipment, and if you have a microphone + audio interface, connect them to your computer. Watch Liina’s videos if you’d like more info on recording and setting up a home studio.

2. Create MIDI Clips in the Session View and record Audio Clips using either your computer microphone (lo-fi!) or an external microphone + interface if you have one.

3. When you have some Clips that sound cool together, record them from the Session View into the Arrangement View. This is the workflow we did on the Level 1 Course – see Liina’s video below for more info. You can also download a free PDF Guide of this workflow.

4. Record some Audio Clips into the Arrangement View. The process is similar to recording in Session View. You could play an instrument, sing, speak, bang a pan or record anything else that makes noise! We’ll use these Clips when we play with Live’s Instruments next session.

5. We recommend saving different versions of your Live Set as you go along, in case you make changes you don’t like. You can save your work as a new version using ‘Save As’. Alternatively, use ‘Save a Copy’ to save a snapshot of your project and continue working on the current version. Also, back up your work – don’t learn this the hard way! We always advise backing your music up on a second source as well as the computer hard-drive, for example, a good sized USB (256gB+), external hard-drive, or cloud based system.

6. Remember that things are normally tricky the first time you do them, and if you find all this confusing, that’s normal. You are AMAZING and you’ll soon understand this stuff, then your CREATIVITY will flow 🙂


  • If you’re using an audio interface and have any problems or latency (there is a gap between making noise into your microphone and hearing it in your headhpones):
    • Check out Liina’s video on latency issues with interface.
    • In Live, go to Help -> Help View -> Setting up Audio I/O and follow the steps.

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