Week 2 – Level 2

1. For an overview of audio synthesis, go through the steps on this website. Just skip past anything you already know.

2. Watch this video for an overview of the different meanings of ‘sampling’. When we recorded audio last week, we set the Sample Rate (mentioned at 00:45). The Samples section of Live’s Browser are the type of samples he mentions at 1:50 – audio files which producers use within other pieces of music. You could call your audio recordings from last week samples. Live’s Simpler Instrument is a sampling device, mentioned at 2:20.

3. Live’s Simpler is an instrument that integrates the basic elements of a sampler with a set of classic synthesizer parameters. A Simpler voice plays a sample, which is in turn processed by envelope, filter, LFO, volume and pitch components.

3. Check out Liina’s video on Simpler:

4. Experiment with the parameters of Simpler. It’s easier to hear the envelope (ADSR) changes to the Amp or Pitch if you use a Sample from Browser > Packs > Loopmasters Mixtape > Samples > Cluster Sound > Waveforms. These Samples have a consistent amp + pitch so you’ll hear any changes you make. Now you can use Simpler, you’ll also be more comfortable with Drum Racks since each Drum Pad contains an instance of Simpler!

5. Choose a Sample to add to your Track – this could be part of your audio recording from last week, or a Sample from Live’s Browser. To download more Samples, go to Browser > Packs and scroll to the bottom. If any are listed under Available Packs, click Install. There are also thousands of free, high quality, royalty-free Samples on this website, but only dive into this if you have time! The Sample Sea is deep and delicious! 😅 See these videos for more info on installing Packs, using your own Samples in Live, and saving your own Presets:

6. Use Simpler to sculpt your Sample into something that sounds cool. Record MIDI Clips which fit with your Clips from last week – you’ll probably want to use Classic Mode (play the Sample as an Instrument) or Slice Mode (play different regions of the Sample). You can always edit the Clip after recording. You can choose whether to record it directly into the Arrangement View, or record it in Session View along with other musical ideas.

7. If you want to import your Clip into another project, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Clip is in the Session View.
  • Go to the other project where you want the Clip.
  • Browser > Add Folder > add the folder where you save your Live Projects.
  • Now browse this folder to find the Clip or Track that you want and drag it into your project.


Import a Drum Loop into Simpler – you can find Drum Loops in Packs > LoopMasters Mixtape > Drum Drops. Put Simpler in Slice Mode. To play the Simpler Instrument on a computer MIDI keyboard, you may need to change the octave: X / Y on a European keyboard or Z / Y on a UK keyboard.

If you have a MIDI keyboard, use that instead. Play around with the parameters and when you’re happy with it, right-click on the Sample and select ‘slice to Drum Rack’ or ‘Slice to new MIDI Track’ – then have fun with it in your Track! You could also try this technique with a spoken word Sample.


Watch this video where Liina creates a whole song from one audio sample, in 15 minutes, using Simpler! You’ll also see which Audio Effects she uses to sculpt the sound. She creates beats, bass, cool little bits and arranges the song at the end:

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