Week 3 – Level 2

1. Review the use of Audio and MIDI Effects in Ableton Live:

  • On a MIDI Track, put MIDI FX before Instruments and Audio FX after. Live will do this automatically when you drag an Effect onto a Track.
  • You can’t use MIDI FX on Audio Tracks.

2. Experiment with these Effects on your own projects. We stuck to these particular Effects in class because they are available in all Live versions, but we also recommend checking out the other FX you find in your Browser!

  • MIDI Scale Effect: Use this to force incoming MIDI notes into a certain key. If you know that your song is in C minor, place the C minor Scale Effect before your Instrument.
  • Auto Filter Audio Effect: Use the Frequency knob to create a filter sweep.

3. Review the use of Automation, then use it in your own Projects. 😎

  • Drawing in Automation: turn on Automation Mode and select the parameter to automate in the Device Choosers. You can open up a new Automation Lane for each parameter.
  • Recording automation: If you have a controller, map a knob to the parameter in Live that you’d like to automate. If not, record it in using your mouse / trackpad.
  • You may wish to loop a section of your song to practice before recording in, or loop + play a section while hot-swapping Effects.


Take a deep dive into one of the most common Audio Effects – Delay! Don’t worry if this is too complicated though, you’ll get along just fine using Effect Presets 🙂


If you’re not sure how to map your controller, follow these steps:

If you want to record automation in Session View, here’s how:

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