Week 4 – Loudness, Space & Depth

  1. Review the key concepts from the session:

Reverb is a great tool to create space and effects. Learn more about Reverb from here:

Learning to Automate effects, panning and volume controls can help you lots and lots with mixing. Learn all about Automation in Ableton Live here:

6. Follow this process to get the volume levels of all your elements just right:

7. If you’ve followed all the steps on the course, your song is nearly mixed! All that remains is to listen and tweak. Here is an overview of all the steps in the mixing process, including the final listening stage.

If you’d like to mix another Track after finishing this course, you’re welcome to download the stems from Liina’s track ‘Breathe’. They are in the Extra Resources section. 😎

Not really sure how to finish you productions and mixing? Here are 40 tips and tricks that help you to know when your track is ready:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Share your mix and get feedback from us:

We’d like to warmly invite you to share a song that you’ve mixed! This can be your own track or a friend’s track. Our SoundCloud playlist is a kind, judgement-free zone. 😊 Just follow these steps before the deadline given on your end-of-course email (a few weeks after Session 4):

  1. Create a Soundcloud account if you don’t already have one. Check this guide for help getting started.
  2. Upload your music. If you set it to private, only Equalize team members will hear your mix. If you set it to public we’ll add it to our Equalize SoundCloud Playlist and may feature you on our Instagram.
  3. Email us the link to your music: equalizeproduction@gmail.com. Please write your name, course title + day in the subject line, e.g. ‘Emily Johnson, Level 1, Mondays’. Then we’ll listen, email you feedback and choose the Star Student. Woo! 😀

E-mail equalizeproduction@gmail.com Hours Equalize Music Production CIC / Company Number: 13008716
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