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Ableton Live – Intro to Mixing

Facts about this course:

  • This is a 4-week online course for women, non-binary & trans people* aged 18+ in mixing music with Ableton Live.
  • For £165** you will receive 4 x 2-hour taught group lessons, coursework tasks, resource materials, email support, and plenty of chance to ask questions.
  • At the end of the course we’ll give you time to mix a song (yours or a friend’s) and get email feedback from us, plus the option to be featured on our SoundCloud playlist.
  • You will need a laptop, internet connection and pair of headphones to take part.
  • You can do the course using Live Intro / Standard / Suite, but if you have Live Lite or if you don’t have Ableton Live, we would ask you to download and install the trial version of Live.
  • The course will be held over Zoom link, which you will receive after purchasing a place on a course.
  • Read more about the course content below.

Is this course for me?

  • The course will give you an introduction to mixing songs. We will start by explaining what mixing is and why it’s an important skill. You’ll learn to use return tracks, effects, and dynamic processing to make your songs sound bigger, deeper, wider and polished.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in Ableton Live, you just need to know the basic concepts such as: Tracks, Clips, the Session & Arrangement Views, and the Browser.
  • If you are new to Ableton Live and wish to learn the basics, check out our Ableton Live Level 1 course. Anyone who has already done L1 is welcome to do this Mixing Course, and Mixing can be done alongside Level 2. Learn more about all of our courses here.

We will make your learning easy:

  • Each group has maximum 20 participants.
  • The course will be taught by two female tutors; one will lead the lesson and the other will answer your questions on the chat. You’ll be able to ask questions privately or share with the group.
  • The most common barriers to learning are time and confidence, so if you’re not sure you can do it, we know how you feel and we want to help. We’ll provide the knowledge, resources and support for you to mix music and develop an unstoppable mindset!
  • One ‘Star Student’ will receive a goody bag of Ableton merch in the post!
  • We have one free place available on each mixing course for someone who can’t afford it – if you’re interested, please email us with details about your financial situation and why you want to do the course.

*Women / trans women / trans men / non-binary / agender / or gender variant people.

**NOTE! The early-bird tickets for Mixing courses are £165. The ticket price will change to £215 one month before the start date of the course.

THE TUTORS on all our courses are taught by professional female or non-binary music producers. In this picture, you can see our tutor Emily J Electric. If you’d like a chat to one of our tutors before booking and see if this course is for you, you can book a 15-minute meeting with Emily, who is also Equalize Music Production co-founder and tutor. She’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Get to know all our tutors here.

Liina “LNA” Turtonen, Equalize co-founder and tutor, has her own YouTube channel – check out this video for a flavour of her teaching style:

ABLETON LIVE – Intro to Mixing Course Content

We’ll provide step-by-step learning in a friendly and supportive environment.


Week 1: Mixing explained

  • The basics of mixing
  • How to mix a song from start to finish

Week 2: Dynamic Processing

  • Compressor
  • Equalizer

Week 3: Creative mixing techniques

  • Using effects
  • Creative mixing

Week 4: Make your track pop!

  • Loudness
  • Space
  • Depth
15th July – 5th August 20214 X 2-hour sessions – Mixing – Mondays – Taught by Liina & Emily
19:00 UK timeOnline course

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