Ableton Live Resources

We really, really love the magical musical universe that is Ableton Live and we hope you will too. Here are some resources to explore..


  • Two free music learning websites from Ableton: check this to dip into different aspects of making music, and this site is the ultimate intro to synthesis. These are fully interactive and work right in your browser.
  • There are Ableton User Groups in many cities worldwide, free and open to anyone who uses Live. Emily from Equalize runs the Sheffield Ableton User Group hosting bi-monthly meetups. You can stay in the loop on the Facebook Group or on Meetup.com.
  • Liina from Equalize runs the YouTube channel LNA Does Audio Stuff: a place for awesome audio tech, music production, tutorials and lots of Ableton-related content. It’s a platform for anyone who loves all things techy, especially women, LGTBQ and other underrepresented voices in the music industry.
  • The Ableton Reference Manual is an in-depth explanation of every aspect of Live. We don’t recommend reading the whole thing from start to finish – just dip into it when you need specific information.
  • The incredible performer and electronic creative Laura Escudé is hosting discussions with Ableton Certified Trainers from around the world talking about music, technology and online education. Check it out here.


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