Free Music Apps & Resources for Kids

Children love music and it’s really good for them! The cognitive, emotional and physical benefits of creativity have been widely proven – kids who spend time learning music show improved academic performance, memory, problem-solving skills, and pro-social behaviours like helpfulness, cooperation, and social bonding. We all know that children also love apps, but it’s hard to sift through the sea of options. That’s why we want to share our favourite free music-making apps and websites for children. Adults will like some of them too..


  • Our personal favourite: the Robovox Vocoder app – send silly vocodarised voice messages to your friends! Very fun.. it’s available for iphone / ipad or for Android.
  • A fun little app for kids aged 8+ to make their first song. They can learn the basics of music production, record through the phone’s microphone, and save their finished song. Here’s the iPhone / iPad version and the Android version.
  • Drum Pads 24 is another cool app for kids aged 8+ which gives an immediate result. They can tap the different coloured squares to hear the sounds, sequence a simple beat, and save it. To use the free version, exit the payment page when you first open the app. For iPhone / iPad and also for Android.
  • The Pro Microphone app helps you make the most of your phone’s microphone. Younger kids will enjoy recording themselves to a backing track, and older kids can learn about different pro studio mike types, and how they sound. Here it is for iPhone / iPad and for Android.
  • Liina from Equalize runs the YouTube channel LNA Does Audio Stuff: a place for awesome audio tech, music production, tutorials and lots of Ableton-related content. Her fun style is perfect for teenagers who are interested in audio.


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