Free Music Apps

Making music doesn’t have to cost money! Creativity and learning has never been so easily accessible. We think that you should only pay for something once you know that you really need and want it. Always do a free trial, and wait until you’re sure you’ll use a piece of gear / software / a plugin before buying. Here’s a list of our favourite free music apps.


  • Our personal favourite: the Robovox Vocoder app – send silly vocodarised voice messages to your friends! Very fun.. it’s available for iphone / ipad or for Android.
  • The classic MiniMoog Model D Synthesizer on your iPhone / iPad! Play with presets, chords, arpeggiators, FX and looping. You can also record, overdub and use it with Ableton Link and compatible apps like GarageBand.
  • The Seaboard 5D app for iPhone / iPad recreates the recreates ROLI’s amazing Seaboard RISE. All the keys are touch-sensitive and the expressive possibilities are endless..
  • VCV Rack is a free virtual modular synth with additional free and paid-for modules. It’s really fun and definitely the cheapest way to get into understanding what CV, VCO, LFO and VCA are all about. But be warned, if you get hooked on modular, the hardware quickly gets expensive..
  • Two free music learning browser-based apps from Ableton: check this to dip into different aspects of making music, and this site is the ultimate intro to synthesis. These are fully interactive and work right in your browser.


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