Week 1

1. Play around with all the functions of Live that we’ve covered. Check out the notes below if you need a reminder.

2. Program in a beats loop + a few variations. The recommended video on BEATS will help you aim for a specific genre. You’ll use your beats loops as the basis of next week’s session.

3. We recommend saving different versions of your Live Set as you go along, in case you make changes you don’t like. You can save your work as a new version using ‘Save As’. Alternatively, use ‘Save a Copy’ to save a snapshot of your project and continue working on the current version. Also, back up your work – don’t learn this the hard way!

4. Remember that it’s your first time, and if you found all the buttons confusing, that’s normal. You are AMAZING and you’ll soon understand those buttons, then your CREATIVITY will flow 🙂


  • If you can’t hear the MIDI notes when you press on your keyboard:
    • Make sure the Computer MIDI Keyboard is activated.
    • Open the In / Out section and change the Monitor to In or Auto
  • If you can’t hear playing Clips:
    • You may have opened a Live Set made in a different version of Live to yours. For example, Live Suite has more Instruments than Live Intro, so MIDI Clips made with certain Instruments in Suite won’t play in Intro.
    • Check that none of the Tracks have the Solo button on. Solo means that you only hear the Clips from the solod Track.
    • Check that none of the Tracks are de-activated (the square button with the number of the Track)
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