Week 3

1. Review the Clips you have so far. If you want more material to work with, there are loads more sounds in the free Packs from Ableton – see the video below for how to install Packs.

2. Arrange all the Clips in Scenes. Name and colour your Clips, Tracks and Scenes.

3. Add Audio Effects to Return Tracks and use the Track Sends.

4. Add MIDI Effects before your Instruments on your Clip Tracks, and add Audio Effects after your MIDI Instruments.

5. Draw in Automation on MIDI Clips for the Return Tracks, volume levels, or any other parameter you want to automate.

6. If you have a MIDI controller, use it to record in automation. You can also edit the recorded automation afterwards.

Extension 1: watch Liina’s video on How To Create Audio Effect Rack Presets and then create an Audio Effect Rack. Map some of the parameters to Macros. If you have a controller, MIDI Map your controller’s knobs to the Macros.

Extension 2: watch the video on Automation vs. Modulation and try both these out in your own project to understand the difference.

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