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We believe that everyone has the right to follow an interest in music, regardless of their gender, race, age, ability, sexual orientation, background or experience.

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We are Emily and Liina, the founders of Equalize Music production. We understand you might be interested in learning music production, but don’t know where to start? We know this feeling and we understand that music tech can feel intimidating. So scroll down for some first steps you can take:

Your 3 First Steps To Music Production:



Know that everyone can learn music production! We all feel insecure about it in the beginning, but this is nothing you cannot overcome. All the equipment is meant for regular people to use and to be honest… it’s not rocket science!



The only things you need to start with are a laptop and headphones. There are free softwares you can use and we can help you to install them and learn how you can use them to make music.



Come and learn with us. We arrange fun and welcoming courses for people just like you. The only thing you need is a laptop, headphones and a good internet connection – we’ll teach you the rest!

What do we offer?

We offer online courses for beginners in Ableton Live, music production, and mixing. These courses are for women, non-binary & trans people* aged 18+. We’ll provide the knowledge, resources and support for you to produce music and develop an unstoppable mindset!

The course fees start from £145 and on each course we have one or two free places available for anyone who can not afford the payment.

*Women / trans women / trans men / non-binary / agender / or gender variant people.

Level 1 – Music Production For Complete BeginnersThe quickest, easiest, and most fun way to get started with music production. 2 friendly tutors, small group, email support. Dates, info & booking here.
Live Online Course4 X 2-hour sessions
Level 2 – Music Production For BeginnersCourse for anyone who is already familiar with Ableton Live, but who wants to take their skills to the next level. 2 amazing tutors, plenty of support. Dates, info & booking here.
Live Online Course4 X 2-hour sessions
Mixing – For BeginnersLearn all the basic mixing concepts and gain the independence to make your music sound polished and professional. Dates, info and booking here.
Live Online Course4 X 2-hour sessions

Take Back The Full Control Of Your Sound

Meet your tutors:

The Equalize Music Production tutors are all female and non-binary music industry professionals. All of them use Ableton Live (the software we teach) in their everyday practice as music producers, live performers, musicians, mixing engineers, and sound designers. We value giving teaching opportunities for marginalized groups, who otherwise would struggle to enter this career due to confidence. Check out our team Instagram pages here: @liina_music , @emilyjelectric

You can get to know us better at the About us – page.

Key Words Explained:


(Digital Audio Workstation) refers to the music-making software on your computer. In our courses, we use Ableton Live which you do not need to own as we help you to download a free trial. If you complete our beginner’s course we will give you a FREE Ableton Live intro license as a gift! 💕

Music Producer

is a person who can create music electronically, mix songs so they sound big and powerful, as well as record music using microphones. There are many reasons to learn production. For example, songwriters learn production so they can create their own demos and so they know how to express what they hear with technical terms. If you are a complete beginner, have a look at our Beginners Music Production course that will teach you everything you need to know to make your own music only using your computer.

” My favourite thing about the course was being around like minded people in a relaxed environment, learning a completely new creative skill. Liina and Emily were really approachable and knowledgable tutors.

Thank you!”

Not sure if this is for you?

Emily is always open for a 15min Zoom call, so you can ask for more information about our courses, what you need to join and any other questions you might have. If you have doubts about your skill level or you really would want to learn production but feel anxious about joining a course, book a meeting with Emily and have a chat!

Book your 15min by selecting a suitable date from the calendar that is available here or from this link.

You can also contact us via this form:

What else we offer:

As a company we aim to bring quality education to the audio industries, making sure that everyone has a fair chance for a safe space to learn and ask the “stupid questions” (which we believe don’t really exist). We also offer courses, workshops, and seminars for companies and organisations, to deliver high-level audio education, but also to help make the audio industry more accessible.

For anyone looking for more resources about music production and audio, we have collected a full page full of information that will teach and inspire anyone from any age! See our resources page here.

E-mail equalizeproduction@gmail.com Hours Equalize Music Production CIC / Company Number: 13008716
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