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Equalize delivers courses and workshops in music production, songwriting, and performance. We are a female-led company focussed on bringing equality to the audio industry one session at a time. We believe that everyone has the right to play, create, and follow a passion for audio, regardless of their gender, race, age, ability or sexual orientation. We offer a safe space, free of judgement, and invite anyone with an interest in music to learn and ask questions. 

We are proud members of the Musicians Union and Associates of the Yorkshire Sound Women’s Network. The YSWN, which inspires women and girls to explore music in Yorkshire and beyond, has been incredibly supportive. Emily is a trained first-aider, and we both have up-to-date DBS checks and Safeguarding in Music qualifications.

Thanks to our own journeys and experience tutoring others, we can teach music skills along with confidence, creativity and self-esteem. Equalize specialises in putting all the pieces into place to enable your musical jigsaw to shine!


Liina ‘LNA’ Turtonen

Music Producer, YouTuber, Songwriter & Educator

Liina “LNA”  Turtonen is a music producer, sound engineer, performer, and the creator of the ‘LNA Does Audio Stuff’ YouTube channel. She has a MA degree in Music Production from the University of York and she is a former lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire (Previously known as College of Music). Currently she works as a freelance producer, musician, educator and a social media influencer. She has a YouTube channel (tutorials and other fun audio stuff, featuring lots of Ableton Live and Push 2), which she hopes will challenge views of gender in the YouTube audio communities. Liina has a highly optimistic attitude and a fun, lively teaching style, including funny metaphors to ensure that students of any level understand the concepts. She has a sound knowledge of all industry standard DAWs and is an expert in Ableton Live and Push 2, using the these as her main production, mixing, mastering and performance tools.

Liina’s website: www.lnamusic.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/LnaDoesAudioStuff
Instagram: @liina_music
Twitter and Facebook: @liinamusic 

Watch Liina explaining the functions of Ableton Live Simple instrument:

Emily Johnson 

Emily (AKA Emily J Electric) is a performer, musician and DJ with a track record of international shows at festivals (Fusion, Shambala..), and clubs in Berlin (Subland, Urban Spree, Kosmonaut, Cassiopeia, VCF), Paris (Batofar, Glaz’art, Concorde Atlantique) and UK cities. With Ableton Live at the centre of her setup, she plays live flute and EWI and controls custom LEDs to deliver a show electrified with surprises.

Emily runs the Sheffield Ableton User Group and is an experienced tutor / music leader with a particular interest in bringing audio fun to minority groups. Running musician coaching programs for a range of organisations has helped her build facilitation skills and a knowledge of different mentoring approaches.

Emily’s goals are share her passion by performing uplifting dance music, and to inspire others to shine, create, and express themselves. Full of positive energy, she believes that everyone has a gift to share with the world, and that progress lies in aligning your thoughts and habits with your goals.

Emily’s website: www.emilyjelectric.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/emily-j-electric

Watch Emily guide you through the basics of Ableton Live:

Rest of the Team

Iida Aino Hägglund

Sound designer, Composer, Sound Artist & Writer

Iida Aino Hägglund is Helsinki, Finland, based sound designer, composer and sound artist. Recently she has also found writing to be part of her working methods. She holds a Master’s degree in film sound design from Glasgow School of Art and she’s currently studying her second Master’s in theatre sound at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy department.

In her work Iida is interested in exploring feminist issues and themes such as girlhood. She’s especially fascinated by the bodily sounds and how sounds affect the body. The idea of sound as a working partner is a topic she’s exploring in her future thesis and artistic work.

Iida works in the performing arts (varying from theatre to dance), film and installation. Her sound design works have been heard at, among other places, Underwire Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and London Short Film Festival.

Iida’s website: https://iidaainosound.wordpress.com/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/iidaaino/sets
Instagram: @iidana
Twitter: @iidaainoo

Charlotte Lynch 

Charlotte Lynch was born and raised in Yorkshire, and now creates music under the moniker “Marnie Glum”.

She is currently studying Songwriting at Leeds Conservatoire, where her genre-spanning music is constantly evolving and growing. Pre-pandemic, Charlotte gigged regularly around Yorkshire, playing everywhere from Halifax’s Piece Hall to York’s Fulford Arms, performing at various festivals including Platform Festival and Cowfest, and has supported the likes of Sam Griffiths (The Howl & the Hum) and up-and-coming folk band Solasta.

She is passionate about gender equality within the music industry and beyond!

Instagram: @marnieglum_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marnieglum
Website: https://marnieglum.com

Alex Alexopoulos aka Wild Anima

Sound designer, Performer, Singer-songwriter & Mentor

Alex Alexopoulos is a sound and live performance artist creating under the stage name Wild Anima.

She has studied computer composition and musicology at the Université Paris 8, creative music technology at the Bristol Soundwell College and traditional Mbira music of Zimbabwe with Mbira master Chartwell Dutiro. She has performed at Berlin’s CTM music festival and presented creative talks at the Ableton User Group Berlin.

Her approach to music creation is deeply linked to spirituality and the bond to nature in general. She is an enthusiast in sharing unusual and intuitive ways of learning that foster curiosity and a sense of empowering confidence.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtUQf-4pBzq_5nbSx85bKaw
Instagram: @wildanimamusic
Facebook: wildanimamusic

Want to work with us?

E-mail equalizeproduction@gmail.com Hours Equalize Music Production CIC / Company Number: 13008716
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